Software Development

Struc&Pipe - plugin for list automation

Elaborating the design documentation for external water supply networks and sewerage, tables, lists, items and materials.

Automation Wizard - cross functional solution

Automation Wizard consists of 9 plug-ins that improve the quality of a BIM design process, starting from General Plan.

Parameter Operator

Helps to replace or add new parameters from a file of shared parameters in Revit families without opening them in a batch mode

Share Model

How we prevented the loss of information when transferring model in Revit between multydisciplinary engineers?

Automation of routine processes

How to reduce the project execution time by 25% due to automation?

Model Point - plugin for coordinate transmission

Plugin for transmitting coordinates for effective functioning of General Plan in Civil3D together with other in Revit.

Export of IFC from Civil 3D and import into Revit

This universally applicable file format enables you to exchange the data (models) between different software platforms without any data loss

Civil3D - Revit general coordinate system. Coordination file

Coordination file includes project data added by BIM Coordinator

E3 Waste Management System

The environmental problem is staging ground for developing the unconventional for us software – Е3 WMS
Clashes Manager. Collision Processing Plugin

Collision (clash) is a mistake made at the design stage, when the design boundaries of different facilities overlap with each other.

Apartment Layouts plugin
When designing, the floor plan calculation cannot be carried out manually nor is it reasonable, especially when it concerns great facilities.