We design modern buildings that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Our approach focuses on using eco-friendly materials and tailoring each design to the unique preferences of our clients. From initial concept to final construction, we ensure that every detail reflects the vision and values of our customers. Our goal is to create memorable, harmonious structures that enhance the beauty of their environment while meeting the highest standards of sustainability."

Our Services

Architectural 3D modeling
We utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. This is basically creating the digital model — a twin — of your future home. This technology gives you an opportunity to see the house in 3D from the very beginning of the design process. It also allows us maximum collaboration within our design team and with our clients.
Facade Design
Our services include:
  • 3D modelling and development of general arrangement and workshop drawings, part lists for steel and reinforced concrete facades based on the fastening concept provided by the client.
  • 3D modelling of aluminum composites, metal panels, glazed panels, fiber cement boards, porcelain boards and other facades types based on the drawings provided by the customer.
  • Development of facade layout.
Interior and Exterior Design
Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering high-quality renders, both interior and exterior, tailored to your preferences. Visual presentations are crucial for tenders and advertising, and we excel in creating eye-catching visuals.
We also offer animation services for technological and construction processes, walkthroughs, fly-bys, and more. From training games for factory personnel to animating emergency escape routes, our VR and Animation sections have you covered.
Conceptual Design
We strive to develop concepts that are feasible with existing materials, incorporating your ideas to create a modern, harmonious, and vibrant image for your future building.
House Design
We use he latest technologies in our design process and by involving you in the design process, so you can follow us throughout the process and make all the necessary corrections before it is too late. Also, we want to let you see how different design changes influence the cost and construction time, so you can make the decision that fits you best.

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