Steel Structures Design

We are experienced structural engineers, steel structure modellers and drafters.

We design steel structures and make steel detailing for different types of facilities, such as commercial buildings, industrial plants, bridges, boiler houses and CHPs, in accordance with Eurocodes.

We create be-spoke solutions for our customers worldwide. We do believe that creating trust-based relationships inside the team and with customers is the most important thing. Due to that vision Eneca connects different specialists with common values.

Static calculations and selection of the best cost-sustainability ratio. Sheet-pile wall calculation, fatigue calculation, etc. (including cases, when seismic loads are to be taken into account).
It allows to see the distribution of stresses in the elements that make up the node; determine bearing capacity and stability of the connection; calculate the actual stiffness of the node etc.
We do the modelling of buildings, bridges in Revit and Tekla based on structural analysis provided by a third party or developed by us
Calculation and Analysis
Calculation of connections
BIM modeling
Our Services
Our engineers are familiar with the manufacturing and construction technology of the steel structures
GA drawings could give you an overview of what a steel frame is, how the bearing capacity and stability of the steel frame are provided and how the steel frame elements are connected with each other.
These drawings include erection drawings, single-part drawings and assembly drawings. Together they make up a data for manufacturing and construction.
These are GA or erection drawings updated after the steel structure is assembled taking into account all deviations from the project
General arrangement drawings
Workshop drawings
As-built drawings
Our team
We aim for such cooperation that even Monday morning meeting with us will leave you in high spirits
Calculation specialists
The team of experienced engineers can do the structural steel analysis of any scope, conforming to any seismic requirements
Modellers and Drafters
Our engineers have a massive exprience in multicultural projects all over the world. Despite cultural differences and various Eurocodes National annexes we were able to finish challenging projects and satisfy customer's requirements using Autodesk Revit, BIM 360, etc.
Strong team which is working closely with Tekla and Tekla Model Sharing technologies.
Due to huge experience in design works and work at steel factories - our engineers are able to solve any challenge at the project. Numerous successfully built, according to Eurocodes, projects proves that
Modellers and Drafters
Cost-effective work approach
Working beyond - finding the best solution
Reference Projects. Tekla
Reference Projects. Revit
We have been working closely with Eneca since June 2020. We have accomplished more than 10 project areas together and discussed for some other future opportunities.
The technical competence and deep Tekla knowledge of Eneca’s team as well as their high-performance efficiency and always keen in continuous improvement, provided us an important support in our engineering process.
We were pleased to see Eneca’s readiness to support us and solve all the project issues together. When there was a need to do some quick revisions at a very late stage, Eneca's specialists performed them in a high qualitative and timely manner.
We anticipate that the good working relationship formed will continue into future projects and we look forward to working with ENECA whenever the opportunity arises.
Mircea Crisitutiu
Engineering Manager at Ask Romein