Structural Design
Comparative analysis of precast and cast-in-place frame
As a comparison, we have chosen one of the sections of a multi-storey multi-sectional reinforced concrete building. The same cast-in-place foundation but the frame is designed in two versions.
General Arrangement Drawings
General arrangement drawing (GA drawing) of the steel frame
is a document with graphical representation that helps to understand the general arrangement of the steel frame elements in the project.
Assembly Drawings
Assembly drawings are detailed drawings of single steel frame elements (assemblies), such as anchor bolts, columns, beams, braces, staircases, handrails, gratings, etc. that are needed for fabrication.
Erection Drawings
Steel structures erection drawings are graphical representation of proper connections of assemblies (beams, columns, braces, etc.) for arhitects, constructors, designers.
How to reduce a price of steel structure project?
During these turbulent times steel manufacturers tend to express concern about the sharp increase in prices at the market. Here are our methods to develop a cost- and time-effective steel structure design project.

Steel connections calculations
We prepare design (calculation) of structural steel connections in IDEA StatiCa. Our company cooperates with steel structures manufacturers in many regions.
Media Library
Sharing our experience in short videos