How to reduce the costs of a structural steel project?
During these turbulent times steel manufacturers tend to express concern about the sharp increase in prices at the market. We have already completed more than 100 projects in structural steel design and we are happy to share our experience in design cost optimisation.
  • Saving labor costs in design:
    We always draw attention to the mistakes revealed in the original documentation and offer our own solutions. This helps to prevent the submission of incorrect documentation and its reissue;
    - We speed up work by automating routine processes, i.e. applying templates, developing components;
    - In case of unexpected delays from the customer’s side, we switch designers to other projects, so the customer does not need to pay for idle specialists.
  • Saving steel during production:
    We offer effective technical solutions at the stages of calculation and modelling, which allow to reduce the consumption of steel (our record of metal savings on the project is 13%);
    - More than 50% of our team members have work experience at steel structure factories that allows them to choose the easiest and least expensive solutions for fabricating structures.
  • Saving customer’s management resource:
    - Thanks to a team of 50+ engineers, we can quickly scale up the team to commit to the tight deadline;
    - We always prepare technical query sheets (TQS) for clarification and regularly inform the customer about the work progress;
    - The use of cloud tools like Tekla Model Sharing, Trimble Connect enables us to reduce the time limits for making decisions, approvals and data transfer in the project;
    - We have profound experience of solving the customer’s problems such as redesign of structures during installation or failure to purchase the necessary elements.

 reduce the costs of a structural steel project