Structural scope:
Concrete - 3636 m3
Steel structures - 3312 tons

Software: Tekla Structures

Services provided by Eneca:
Structural design

Pipe racks

To develop eight pipe racks for supporting and routing of the technological pipelines and cables in a certain area.
Technical solutions
In the course of the development, it was decided to design the pipe bridges in the height range up to 36m.
In different sections, the number of structural tiers varies from 2 to 8.

The structural scheme of the facilities is accepted in the form of a frame. The lower part of the pipe bridge frame at the height of the first tier is made from cast-in-situ reinforced concrete and precast reinforced concrete columns. The overlying structures are designed as steel.

In the longitudinal direction, the pipe bridges are divided into temperature blocks, the length of which does not exceed 60m.

As the result of our work, the drawings of the pile field, reinforced concrete raft, reinforced concrete columns and beams, as well as the pipe bridge steel frame have been issued.
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