Structural Design Toolkit

A lot of solutions have been developed for designing facilities associated with the structural design discipline: ModPlus, BIMStarter and others, to name a few.

However, ENECA developed its own Revit template configured for 4-6D design, and the functionality of the described solutions was not enough. To improve the project quality while maintaining the design speed, the BIM Department team developed Structural Design Toolkit (SDT).

SDT is a library of plugins for optimising the design process of the structural design discipline using a Revit template.

Problem #1

Conventional design methods in BIM programs do not give an opportunity to effectively manage multiple views or lists: copy, rename and redefine the key parameters for the required project structure.

Conventional Revit methods for this seem ineffective:

  • Revit enables a specialist to copy only one type/list.
  • To redefine the key parameters for the project structure, it is necessary to select the required type/list, find the required parameter and enter the value.


We developed View Browser Plugin. This tool enables a specialist to edit a name, copy, redefine parameters for views and lists in a batch manner and, by this means, simplify the designers’ work.

Plugin’s opportunities:

  • To select the required elements;
  • To find the text fragment and replace it in the name;
  • To copy a view with the copying mode selected in advance;
  • To redefine the parameters by selecting the values already existing in the project or create a personal parameter.
In addition, features that update the filters for lists were introduced.

Problem #2

To understand the total consumption of steel of each grade and diameter per type of structure, accurate reporting on the steel consumption is of crucial importance when developing the structural design discipline.

To display the data correctly, it is necessary to remove columns with zero or empty values manually, which can easily lead to mistakes.


To automate such routine work BPC Update Plugin can be used. This plugin updates the selected steel consumption lists.

It hides the columns that include zero or empty values, helps to select the required lists and make them in the necessary format.

The plugin ensures that the obtained steel volume will be accurate.

Problem #3

BIM design is a dynamic process with frequent changes. One of these changes is the relevant values of the parameter for elements of various categories.

Manual tracking is ешьу сщтыгьштп and mistake-prone.


After analysing the designers’ requirements to parameter filling as well as to manual filling, Update Plugin was developed. The solution makes it possible to update the elements’ parameters and sheets in the model.

The solution’s features:

  1. Updating openings and holes;
  2. Updating structural grades;
  3. Updating sheet parameters;
  4. Updating concrete mattress grade

As mentioned before, SDT plugins function with ENECA template only

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