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Parameter Operator
helps to replace or add new parameters from a file of shared parameters in Revit families without opening them in a batch mode
What was the problem?
Replacer function for replacing already existing parameters with parameters from the shared parameters file
Parameter Operator Solution speeds up the work with Revit families parameters by enabling batch replacement and adding shared family parameters.

The plugin helps editing the families according to the requirements of a project very easily. Say, for instance, you have families that you want to use in a new Revit project, where the client has a new file of parameters. It would be very tedious and time-consuming to open every family and replace the existing parameters with the new parameters.

With Parameters Operator this process becomes very smooth, fast and easy.

For example, we have families developed by our specialists. We want to use them in a new project, where the client provides us with a shared parameters file. In that case, we need to replace already existing parameters or add new ones if we do not have an analogue-parameter in a Revit family yet.

To do that, we have to open each family and edit each parameter. You might imagine how time-consuming and error-prone this process will be in a big or even medium-size project.

Plugin is divided into two parts: Replacer and Injector. Both are designed to work with
shared parameter files (SPF) and Revit families (.rfa format). The Replacer is
used to change shared parameters in families with others from SPF, while the
Injector is used to add new shared parameters to families with the necessary

Watch the video introduction of Parameter Operator to simplify the way of editing parameters within Revit families without opening the model. Moreover, you can replace or insert new parameters in multiple families at the same time.

The plugin is free to download here BIM software development, scripts, plugins for Autodesk Revit and Civil 3D (
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