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Automation Wizard
This solution is developed by AEC professionals and comprises the following plugins for field-specific goals
Automation Wizard is an overall design solution for BIM process automation

For more than 18 years of design experience and in 8 years of applying BIM-technologies, we have come through many challenges that a designer faces by organizing the collaboration and data exchange within a multidisciplinary team, transferring the information between different BIM programs, coordinating and approving BIM design documentation.

At first, we focused on the internal BIM process automation to optimize the digital workflows, reduce the number of collisions, and control the quality of the process on each step.

Now, we are sharing this knowledge with others and contribute to the AEC industry development by proposing our own free BIM software solutions that will certainly simplify BIM design process.

As opposed to other services that solve just one issue, our Automation Wizard presents a unique one: it's a complex cross functional solution for BIM automation.

The solution is developed by AEC professionals and comprises the following plugins for field-specific goals:
Model Point – for transferring coordinates from Civil3D to Revit (Autodesk’s solution had shortcomings)
ReSave Models – for arranging joint work on a project, restoring and creating the working environment
Apartment layouts – for flat area calculation
ShareModel – for auditing and correcting digital errors and forming tasks.
Links Manager - for batch loading the linked files and obtaining the tasks from adjacent design disciplines.
Markup Solid 3D - for creating 3D-road marking in Civil3D
Struc&Pipe – for creation of lists and tables of pits, pipes and IFC files
Openings Manager – for creating and monitoring openings
Clashes Manager – for finding and reducing collisions and processing clash reports.
All plugins were developed on .NET platform using MVVM pattern and WPF technology. They have integrated system of update so users will always have the newest version.

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