Structural Steel Design and Detailing

Our Steel Structural Design Services are dedicated to providing innovative, efficient, and reliable design solutions for all types of steel structures. Our experienced team of structural engineers and designers employ the latest technology and industry standards to ensure the safety, functionality, and sustainability of each project.

We create comprehensive 3D models of steel structures using industry-leading software like Tekla Structures and Revit, providing a clear visual representation of the project.

We develop precise erection plans that outline the step-by-step process for assembling the steel structure on site, ensuring smooth and efficient construction. Our detailed shop drawings include all necessary information for fabrication, including dimensions, material specifications, and assembly instructions.
Our Services

  • Static calculation and analysis
  • Calculation of connections
  • BIM modeling
  • General arrangement drawings, incl. erection drawings
  • Workshop drawings, incl. single-part and assembly drawings

Reference Projects for Structural Steel Design and Detailing. Tekla

Reference Projects for Structural Steel Design and Detailing. Revit

Sample Drawings
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