Steel Design Services
Eneca specializes in designing and detailing steel structures for a variety of facilities, including commercial buildings, industrial plants, and bridges. Their services encompass static calculations, connection analysis, and BIM modeling using Revit and Tekla.

Our approach focuses on cost-effective solutions, leveraging automation and a thorough understanding of manufacturing and construction technologies to reduce costs and ensure efficient project delivery. With a team of experienced engineers, we provide comprehensive general arrangement, workshop, and as-built drawings tailored to meet clients' specific needs.

As a global engineering design company, we deliver innovative and professional steel structural design services.

Our steel design services

  • 3D Modelling using the latest software
  • 2D and 3D General Arrangement Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Workshop drawings
  • As-built drawings
  • Connection Design
  • BIM Modelling
  • Static calculations and selection of the best cost-sustainability ratio
Our team
  • Calculation specialists
    Our team of experienced engineers can perform structural steel analysis for projects of any scope, adhering to all seismic requirements.
  • Modellers and Drafters
    Our strong team works closely with Tekla and Tekla Model Sharing technologies. With extensive experience in design and steel manufacturing, our engineers can tackle any project challenge. Numerous successfully completed projects, built according to Eurocodes, demonstrate our capability and expertise.
  • Modellers and Drafters
    Our engineers have extensive experience with multicultural projects worldwide. Despite cultural differences and varying Eurocode National Annexes, we consistently complete challenging projects and meet customer requirements. Utilizing Autodesk Revit, BIM 360, and other advanced tools, we ensure successful project delivery.

Reference Projects. Tekla

Reference Projects. Revit

Cost-effective work approach
  • Saving labour costs in design
    • To prevent the submission of incorrect documentation and its reissue we always draw attention to the mistakes revealed in the original documentation and offer our own solutions

    • The key to avoid extra work is developing workshopdrawings after the approval of GA-drawings

    • To speed up the work we automate routine processes by applying templates, developing components etc.
  • Saving steel during production
    • To reduce the consumption of steel we offer effective technical solutions at the stage of calculation and modelling (our record of metal savings on the project is 13%)

    • More than 50% of our team members have work experience at steel structure factories that allows them to choose the easiest and least expensive solutions for fabricating structures.
  • Saving customer’s management resources
    • We can quickly scale up the team to commit to the tight deadline because we have more than 30 engineers

    • We always prepare technical query sheets (TQS) for clarification and regularly inform the customer about the work progress

    • The use of cloud tools like Tekla Model Sharing, Trimble Connect enables us to reduce the time limits for making decisions, approvals and data transfer in the project