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Automation of routine processes

How did we reduce the project execution time by 25% due to automation and experience?
Description of the project and its features
This case tells how we managed to reduce the project development time by 25% due to high-quality management, automation and experience.
The ENEСA group got an assignment to develop 66 parameterized families of luminaires with a high level of detail and information content.

What is unusual about the project?
It seemed to be a typical project for the creation of families.
However, before the start of the project our highly-skilled project management team did predetermine that each family should be developed in 3 languages:

  • German (source language)
  • French
  • Italian
In addition, all 77 parameters in each family should be translated into 2 languages while maintaining the formula dependencies.

How did the received information help?
As the language requirements were specified during the period for collection of baseline data, the BIM team was able to eliminate the risk of schedule bottlenecks before the start of the project.

What was the outcome?
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