Structural scope:
Concrete - 3 327 m3
Steel structures - 319 tons

Autodesk Revit,
Tekla Structures,
Dlubal Rfem 5, GEO5

Services provided:
Structural design

Residential building

The building consists of 3 blocks and a car park located on the 1st floor. The number of storeys in the blocks - 6-7 storeys. The number of lots in the car park - 67 parking lots The total area of the building - 6350,87m2, including: The area of the residential building - 5211,11m2 The area of the car park - 1139,76m2
The number of flats in the residential building - 81 flats, including:
one-room flat - 1
two-room flat - 37
one-room flat - 43
The design solution of the building provides for a cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame with ceramsite concrete infill wall panels 250mm thick.
Building Characteristics
The building is located on the land plot with a complicated terrain. The difference of foundation levels along the building is 4m. The building adjoins the hillslope with one of its side. Thus, some walls of the building along with their slabs that strut them form a supporting wall up to 8m high. The calculation of the building frame was carried out using structural analysis software “Dlubal RFEM 5.25”. Geotechnical software “GEO5” was used for calculating the foundations. The calculations and design were performed in accordance with Belarusian building standards in force. Due to the rational structural and planning plan in the project, two extra parking lots in addition to the ones specified in the Terms of Reference for design were foreseen. The consumption of materials needed for the cast-in-place structures is on average 95-100 kg/m3. Besides, the project provides for design solutions aimed at reaching the high energy efficiency of the building (balcony connectors “Peikko”, soft roof supports “Hilti”), and the use of such systems as connectors “Invisible connections TSS”, parts “Peikko PSB”, lifting anchors “Peikko CSA”, air duct fasteners “Hilti”,makes it possible to reduce the time needed for construction of the building and reach the high quality, when performing construction works. The residential house has been designed using BIM-technologies with a model created in CAD-software that applies a building information modelling approach “Autodesk Revit 2021” In parallel, the precast concrete structures of the residential house (flight of stairs and landings) were designed using powerful software “Tekla Structures”. The models were checked for collisions. Innovative fasteners “Invisible connections” ( for both precast and cast-in-place structures were applied. Thus, specific support tubes fabricated by this manufacturer were used for supporting the flight of stairs onto the cast-in-place walls that significantly simplified and speeded up the assembly of the staircase (by several times in comparison to other conventional methods) and make it possible to save enough time to be spent on performing other works.
Design features of the building, extraordinary design solutions: