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One of the most characteristic features of the modern world economy development is increased competition. Companies have to look for the most effective methods of business process arrangement. Taking into account the new challenges of 2020, outsourcing has established itself as one of the most successful business models in the current situation on the global market that allows you to benefit in terms of a vaguely determined horizon for personnel load planning. Outsourcing (from the English word "outsourcing" - an external source) - delegation of individual business processes and production functions of a company specialising in a particular field.
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Outsourcing is a logical response to the labour market globalisation and an excellent opportunity to optimise costs during the crisis. The main aim of outsourcing is cost reduction and organic development of the company. According to the report prepared by Plant Maintenance Resource Centre, the main reasons for outsourcing is a necessity to increase the labour productivity while reducing costs and to stay focused on core business. Outsourcing also provides an opportunity to reduce the time limits for the performance of works and significantly fosters the access to new technologies, special software and equipment.

Due to delegating a number of functions, the company is able to optimise the number of personnel. Having highly qualified employees in the staff inevitably entails the costs for training, development and administration. Using the labour of the specialists who do not have sufficient experience is fraught with mistakes and a poor quality project in the end. Such risks are unacceptable for the design sector.

In return, the work of remote specialists can be paid in arrears, saving money and avoiding standstill. There is no need to pay holiday pay, sick leave - all the costs for social security of employees are borne by an outsourcing company.

There is no need to equip workplaces, pay rent for office space, purchase and maintain expensive equipment and licensed software.
Working according to the outsourcing model, a Client of services will obtain a number of advantages:

● The cost of services is one of the factors why companies resort to outsourcing . Outsourcer's services in our company are cheaper than in Western Europe;

● Specialists are ready to implement a project of any complexity to tight deadlines. The experience of ENECA specialists is confirmed by numerous licenses and certificates as well as by a great number of successfully completed projects in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and EU countries;

● For young companies, an important advantage of working with ENECA will be an opportunity to involve specialists in any design fields, making up for the lack of certain specialists. And for medium and large companies, we provide an opportunity to form a dedicated team - a group of professionals that work on your project on your terms;

● Our employees are regularly trained, speak English and work in a time zone close to the EU. Therefore, you will not have any inconvenience associated with the difference in mentality or communication problems;

● We make sure that the information does not fall into third hands and we respect the private data protection legislation. We have signed non-disclosure agreements with the most of our clients. Cooperation with us is based on the relationships of trust with our customers.
At the same time, the main goal of outsourcing is not to save money, but to be able to free up the corresponding organisational, financial and human resources to develop new fields or focus efforts on the existing ones that require closer attention.

By delegating works associated with BIM to us, you will no longer need to hire narrowly specialized BIM specialists and train them. In addition, you won't need to purchase licenses for specialised software.

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